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Thread: Old school/Ghetto installs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnyperBob
    Hey man,
    No I don't have a link with more info. I have some pictures in the gallery at

    Basically all you do is find the two wires that connect to the power button on your case. I just spliced into those two wires and put a quick-connect RC battery terminal on it. I ran that out the back of the computer. I connect that to the cat5 (which also has the other end of the quick connect on it) in the car. You only use two wires from the cat5. I ran the cat5 to the front of the car and put a push button on the same two wires.

    So when I push the button in the front of my car, it does the same thing as if I pushed the button on the front of my case. Not too complicated, but let me know if you'd like a simple diagram or something. Sometimes its hard to explain/visualize without seeing a diagram.

    I have pictures of the exact RC terminal that I bought from Radio Shack at The site is down for maintenance, but should be back up by Monday.

    If you have any ?'s PM me
    Thanks snyperbob!!
    After thinking about this for a while, I figured it out. I was able to take both the desktop PC and laptop apart and solder wires to the power switches. That cat5e cable is a great idea!
    1. because I have this stuff laying around
    2. because now I can also wire another twisted pair to the rest button switch, and all the wires will be in one housing to run to the front of the car.
    3. putting the jack on the end will also make for easy removal of the computer if need be.

    Thanks for the ideas!
    Top notch!

    I appoligize for the post being off topic! Sorry.
    Car-PC progress meter (researching and collecting hardware)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte
    No touchscreen but my 1988 install used an actual monochrome 12 volt CRT hooked up to an Atari 800XL. Front end software was my own creation using PRINT statements in BASIC and ASCII characters for the graphics. Here's a link to the installation.

    The car was a 1986 Dodge Shelby Charger

    The firebreathing beast that ran at a blistering 1.79Mhz.

    The original system held trip data in memory and could print it to my Epson dot-matrix printer. The printer had to be plugged in to a power outlet to work.

    damn ... ! oldschool!
    [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]

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