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Thread: So freakin ridiculous

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    Angry So freakin ridiculous

    So I ordered a lilliput fuse from digitalww and it finally came after a week of waiting, man I was excited. So I grab the envelope and notice a tiny hole in the front next to my name and address on the envelope, ahh just a hole. I crack it open and pull out my customer receipt to find a single piece of tape diagonal across the middle of the paper with yet another tiny hole....thats peculiarly the size a fuse would be. So I put A and B together and realize, SWEET this crude packaging is gonna cost me either another 4 bucks and a week of waiting or just another week and 0 dollars if I'm lucky. I mean I hate to sound like an *** but this is pretty ghetto to just tape a chip to a piece of paper and expect it not to get crushed along the way to my house. Damn the man at the post office who probably got curious and popped it out of the envelope because both holes are perfectly sized for the fuse. Ah well, I hope armen at digitalww comes through, i hoped I could get my lcd install done this month
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    i would suspect more fould play at the PO than anything. They probably felt a little bump and decided to see if it was a tablet of some sort. bastards!

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    here in the US, mail is run through high speed machines. they won't let me mail LEDs in envelopes because of this

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    Ya, I wouldn't mail anything like that in an envelope. The machines will rip anything to shreads. Try mailing a key in an envelope I have....
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    Cool replacement is gettin sent. So its between high speed machines and some crack-head thinking it was a goodie? I vote crack-head
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    Ha, same thing happened to my replacement button for my non-motorized housing from Armen. I saw that hole in the envelope and instantly knew what had happened. Armen quickly sent me another.
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    Second crackhead...

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    think of it somewhere out there there's an upset crackhead smoking up a fuse
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