Thought I'd post this here, most of the people who build a car-computer could handle this job.

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Job Notice

We have a full time opening for a hands-on individual as an engineering assistant. Job duties include:

- Hands on assembly and disassembly of electro-mechanical systems
- Building and repairing or basic cables assemblies (soldering and crimping)
- Must be able to follow a schematic or wiring diagram
- Maintain organization of all shop tools and parts
- Light shop clean-up duties
- Must have own vehicle for light pickups and deliveries

We are a small company that builds and integrates highly specialized camera equipment for the movie industry. Our production runs are very small, typically less than 8 units, so there is very little repetition. I need a fast learner that can adapt to the many different things that we build and handle multiple projects throughout the day.

We deal almost exclusively in HD cameras, so the majority of our wiring is BNC COAX and power connectors (12V DC), but we will have to deal with small multi-pin connectors from time to time. If you can solder, I can show you how to build them.

We also have an in-house CNC machine shop and sometimes there will be shop organization and cleanup as well as some light machine work (drilling, tapping, etc).

An ideal candidate will include someone with the following skill-set

- Understanding of basic electricity and polarity
- Understanding that reverse polarity can damage a $100K camera and the repair bill can cost as much as a new car
- Understands the difference between parallel and series wiring
- Basic schematic reading
- Knows how to wire up an LED
- Knows how to use a voltmeter to measure voltage, polarity and continunity
- Basic understanding of coax cable and video signals
- Good mechanical assembly and disassembly skills
- Excellent organization skills (tools, hardware and electronics)
- Good phone communication skills on the rare occasion that you will have to answer the phone

Bonus skills
- Machine shop experience
- CAD (Inventor) or PCB Layout experience

This job is in Burbank, CA near the Empire Center. We typically work 9AM to 6PM M-F and some Saturdays. The wage is $9.50 - 12.50/hr depending on experience.