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Thread: anyone setup their LCD to auto-camera input in reverse?

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    anyone setup their LCD to auto-camera input in reverse?

    I want the caputer screen to switch to the backup camera when I shift into reverse when backing up.
    Liek the new BMW's do on their factory navigation

    I know I can tap the backup signal from the tranny
    (same signal that turns on the white reverse lights)

    but how will I get the screen to auto switch?
    my lcd does have a seperate line for video input; besides the VGA input. If I can use this somehow, then it doesn't matter if the carputer is on or off then.
    Or I can wire the signal to the carputer full time, and just have it display when I shift to reverse
    sorry it's late, tough putting the idea into words

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    Do you already have a screen? The Xenarcs can switch from VGA to video input automatically when they detect a signal, making it perfect for an auto reverse camera.
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