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Thread: Hate to be such a noob suggestions...

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    Sorry bro, but I'm definitely not getting a Scion...

    I'd rather get something new...even certified preowned worries me...especially if it's a car that got thrashed by some stupid kid. Even if it's under warranty I don't want to have to keep bringing it back to the shop.

    Right now I'm leaning more and more towards the RSX TypeS but I'm going to take a look at the other suggestions at the Auto Show this weekend.

    Of course, the other major factor is CarPC integration...I've already checked and Crutchfield has a dash adapter for the RSX with a 1DIN opening (so I can put my motorized lilly in it easily). The Mazda3 has the AuxMOD ( so I could keep the stock HU and everything...

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    "i reccommend the new galants. my buddy has one and its ******* FAST. or maybe its just his crazy *** driving. all i know is they are good cars and performance is real good on it."

    Galants are fast! I saw one smoke a vette off the line reciently.

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    just checked Mitsu's site....the price for Galant is right....but I'd rather have a manual or at the very least a 5-speed's only got a 4-speed even on the 3.8L V6!! How lame is that??? Even the Mazda3 has a 5-speed nowadays. Hmmm...too bad tho because it does seem nice.

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    same shoes

    I was in the same shoes as you a couple of months back. Best bang for the buck = Scion xB. I don't like the exterior 100% but the interior is off the hook. so much space, you can easily sleep 2 people in the back with the seats down... there are tons of mods for it, so many people with carputers for them, etc.... it has an awesome enthusiast site - i bought an 06 model in white, i have about 600 miles on it and i am absolutely in love with it!

    just a suggestion ;]

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    What about the new VW Jetta GLI? Comes with a 2.0L 200hp (which a simple chip can make 240 easy) turbo engine, 6 speed manual or a 6!!! speed automatic with tiptronic, choice between leather and bucket seats (no extra charge), all the sport package stuff like leather stearing wheel, 17inch wheels etc.

    Plus, it is a dream to work on (have a 2000 Golf), built quality and safety features are just superior, it is car not everybody drives, and there are tons of really good looking mods, for example.

    Price just under $24k
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirbycope
    200 and its supercharged? what a pos.
    do some research on
    Do research? On what exactly? And thanks for puttin my car down down.. Let me not say anything about Dodge Intrepids and POS in one sentense because this will just become a flame war...


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    Remember that SNL skit with Will Ferrel: "I drive an Intrepid!!"


    Anyways, no need to diss anyone's car...I personally cannot see myself in a Scion. I wish we could get some of the hot little Euro hatchbacks over here...Oh well.

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    eh screw new. Get an late 80s Grand National (about 10) then you got 14 for bigger turbo,carputer, and enough left over to buy 3-4 GN front clips or 2-3 straight rebuilds. So you will have a fast car you can beat up and just replace the engine when it gets tired.
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    XRS Corrolla or Matrix will do, and both can do some kick off the redlight, easy mentainance and not much gas buzzle.
    RSX or TSX will be better but more $$$.
    WRX base????? nah ... get one with some options and it will be out of the range.
    Madza3, 5, 6 are okay, sportty looking but reliability is a ???? and I am not a Madza fan at all.
    Personally I go with a G35 (coupe or sedan) more $$$ if I am happy with the Nissan I currently have.
    A 06 Civic is a NOT a carPC friendly. There is one attemp in worklogs. It's look like a LOT of work to fab the screen regardless of 1 DIN motorized or indash.
    oh don't foget the Maxima, it's kickass too but more $$$.
    New VW are nice too. And Audi A3??? Have to check those?
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    The Honda SI is being toughted as an RSX Type S killer, for less money. I have been thinking about getting that car lately, though I am a rear/awd type guy, so I would take a WRX over the SI. Both have love it or hate it styling, but as my screen name suggest, I am a WRX type guy.

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