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Thread: Best Dashboard Ever!

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    im with rafster on this one....TC or any scion has to be super easy. plus its a cheap car. and i love the way the tc looks. thats got my vote
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    Alright, if you have to fabricate something....then its not the easiest instal.

    the accord requires minor surgury to the bezel, but the TL is pretty simple.

    I would say the BMW's are one of the easiest because of all the premade bezels available.

    the tC actualy requires the most fabrication out of all the cars mentioned so far....

    this is a question of the easiest insal, not the nicest looking or favorite car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OoNikFraleyoO
    Nope, it's the 2001 Grand Cherokee
    Dude, post pics. I gotta see what you did so you can give me ideas for my 2K Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although if it's just the JC and not the JGC Limited, then the dashes are totally different and it wouldn't matter.

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    definitely bmw cars
    if you connect your ibus adaptor to your carpc you can rock the world
    track engine status fuel usage etc.
    and you can use also the steerwheel buttons to command your carpc

    Look what this crazy german guy did

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