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Thread: 2006 Honda Civic Navi Hack

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    2006 Honda Civic Navi Hack

    Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but I'll post it if anyone cares. It's a worklog, so all the steps may not be all there yet. I myself haven't tried it because I have a non-Navi model but I figured if someone wants it, I'll put the link out there.


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    Very cute. Almost makes me wish I had that system! Looked like it has a PCMCIA port too or something?

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    Yes it does.

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    It should work for most of the new Acura/Honda nav systems. I've done this on my TL to change the wallpaper and disclaimer text.

    If you're crafty with a hex editor, you can change text (ie, disclaimer, buttons, etc), map colors, etc too.

    Unfortunately, there hasn't been any advanced hacks like removing the nag screen (aka disclaimer text) or adding new apps (like an mp3 player, advanced trip computer, etc) yet.

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