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Thread: GPS Hardware and Software

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    GPS Hardware and Software

    So after searching and sifting through all the old posts on gps hardware and software, I've come to the conclusion that:

    On Hardware:
    The Garmin GPS35PC is the best reciever for the money ($200), and the Rand McNally is good bang for the buck ($100 for reciever and software). I've also heard the Holux reciever being mentioned recently. Those who have it, what are your experiences with it (especially compared to the Garmin and Rand if possible). Any other up and coming units to look at?

    On Software:
    Street Atlas 8.0 RWE and MS Streets seem to be the software of choice for general NEMA recivers, with CoPilot being the best of the best (at $400) that only comes and only really works with its own reciever (unless you use the "rental" method and turn off the lock messages on your gps35). Any other good options? Or pros and cons on SARWE vs MS Streets? Street Atlas will speak (but at a low volume) where as MS Streets doesnt, correct? And how is the software that comes with the Rand McNally bundle?

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    Ok, since I obviously scared everyone by asking too many questions at once, ill narrow it down.

    Has anyone used both the Garmin GPS 35 and the Holux GM-200? Does the GM-200 even compare to the Garmin?

    And I can't find anyone selling Delorme Road Atlas 8.0 RWE, instead I am finding Road Atlas 9.0. Has anyone used both?

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    For about $70 more you can have a display on the GPS along with major roads built in.

    Check out the Garmin Legend.
    I love mine. It is portable, handheld, has built in roads, and has data out.

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    I have the rand Mcnally receiver and it works just fine with Co-Pilot.

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    I have the hacked tripmate and it works fine with copilot.. I actually got ti fixed today :P Stupid cats at ym friends house chewed through the gps cord... grrr
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