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Thread: Audi MMI High and MP3

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    Audi MMI High and MP3

    Hi, just being a new Audi owner - and not a tech freak at all - I am on the look for a way to use my MMI High (Audi A6 2006) together with a MP3 medium (CD, SDcard or MP3 player). The build-in CD charger cannot read mp3 CDs - only regular CDs work. Anyone out there with experience and recommendations on how to get my MMI High to be able to work with MP3 files/devices? I know it will cost a few - but I would really love to access to all my MP3 files within the car - thanks in advance

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    FM modulator, FM transmitter or cassette adapter are sure bets. None will produce stellar sound quality.
    You MAY be able to get some sort of adapter that will allow you to connect the MP3 player to the changer input. That's iffy.
    You can also replace your headunit to one with changer controls and AUX in. That might be iffy, as well.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Maybe you aren't worrying about this two years later but the MP3 MMI CD Changer has been out for a bit...

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    AMI - Audi Music Interface - or Dension Gateway 500. Both give you an USB port or iPod connector to control your music selection and fully integrate into the MMI. Swapping the CD changer for an MP3 compatible one is another option.

    There is a whole forum just for the MMI, might be worth a visit:

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