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Thread: The Ice Register

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    I guess every time I hear people talk about covering hosting costs I'm a little stand-offish, UNLESS is a rather large site, like this one for instance.

    For instance, I have 12 gigs of space, 10 gig a day t-fer and 300 gigs a month. All for less than $6 a month.

    how much space/ bandwidth are you taking up that would cause the costs to be more than a few bucks a month? Maybe it's just me being naive on the space and bandwidth requirements of your site?
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    One major question is privacy, how sure can anyone be that you don't sell their information OR better yet, that your site is secure enough not to get hacked. Remember, you're in a shared enviroment, you can have the host themself, other clients, or even anonymous people steal the info from your site. See, nothing is 100% secure no matter how hard you try someone WILL steal things if they want it.

    All in all, I wouldn't register with the site because the concept is that the buyer of equipment would need to check the database. Chance are if something is stolen it is being sold for way less than value (pawn show or out of some guys car) and you already get the feeling that something is not legit about it. The people who buy stolen goods simply don't care who it was stolen from, they care that it is theirs now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckinMP3
    Fishy at least.... scam for private info is almost certain!!!

    No way would I use that. Even if you paid me.

    I see no reason or benefit at all for this service.
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    The cost of hosting over here is a fair bit more than in the US.

    We did have a "basic" hosting service, but we had a lot of people ask questions - as above - about the security of the site. So we moved from an inexpensive hosting service to a pricier one - the advantage being that the box we have available was installed and configured by us, and lives in a secure data centre in Docklands...surrounded by a lot of machines with much more valuable data!

    Two of the guys on the ICE Register team - myself included - are experienced IT professionals, and we have taken measures to ensure our data is as secure as it can possibly be. The box on which the site is hosted has been set up by us, tweaked by us, and extensively penetration-tested by us, as well as by an independent security expert, who has confirmed that the site is as secure as it can be.

    I'd be interested to know what other measures we could take though...people are paranoid about thieves cracking a secure website, stealing the database and targetting cars - a perfectly valid concern - and yet I can almost guarantee that these people throw their credit card statements straight in the bin without shredding them...or who allow websites to "remember" their visa card details...or who don't double check to make sure nobody is standing behind them at the cashpoint...I think for the most part, it is just "e-paranoia" at work...and believe me, a healthy sense of cynicism is no bad thing!

    At the end of the day, any secure system is only as strong as its weakest link - and generally speaking, that's the organic link in the chain. There's nothing we can do about that though...the majority of car audio theft (at least, in the UK) is due to opportunistic thieves seeing someone's left the face on their HU, or who show off and draw attention to themselves. I would think it unlikely that any criminal gang who has the intelligence and skill to crack a secure webserver and go hunting for car audio gear wouldn't be inclined to choose a more lucrative target though - especially as they'd still have to track down the vehicles and break into them in order to steal a relatively small amount of equipment?

    Splash-X is quite correct though. There will always be people who buy "hot" goods simply because they're cheap. We can't do anything about this. However, if we can get the message out to stop people from buying stolen kit that they think is legitimate, then we're succeeding in our mission. But yeah...the sad fact is that people will always buy stuff from "some bloke in the pub" without checking if it's genuine or not. That's something we unfortunately have to accept. However, if we can make sure that the mainstream "disposal" methods (Cash Converters, eBay, Forums listings, classified adverts) are more difficult to use...then maybe - just maybe - we'll make some of these thieving scrotes think twice before they stick a brick through your window!


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