Hopefully one of you has previously had this problem, though it may be only effecting anyone using this board with a Xenarc display. The problem is that windows see's two displays connected to the board at all times. I've seen this both on my test rig with a tft monitor and also installed in the car with the xenarc. I have set windows NOT to use the second display, and it was working 100% on my test bed with a monitor. However, after installing to the car, the PC seems to boot using the other monitor occasionally, and sortly after the XP windows is loading screen, the display switches off due to no input signal. I know it's not crashing as I hear the windows logging on sound, and music playing as normal, it's just that windows has decided to use the wrong display! Even more stangley, if I just shutdown and restart a few times, it decides to use the correct display, and I see windows as normal?

On another subject, any electronics guru's that can help here?:
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