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Thread: Finally getting my new car project moving

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    Finally getting my new car project moving

    *crawls out from under his rock*

    Almost two years ago, I sold my mp3 eclipse and bought a RX-8. I was very happy until I tried to replace the stereo. Like many new cars, the stereo was not a standard size, and the radio was integrated with the AC. If I unplugged the radio, the AC no longer worked.

    Someone has finally put a kit out for the RX-8! It's $500, but it's not just a plastic dash piece. The kit emulates all of the functionality of the original stereo, so I can have AC and mp3s at the same time! Woo!

    So, yeah, I'm not dead. In fact, you should be seeing a lot more of me now!

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    Damn man, good to see your back. Been quite a while.
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