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Thread: Engine Start button?

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    i wouldnt go with the scanner to start your car. an alarm remote start would be best.
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    Akuma, did you ever add this to your ride?

    I'm considering adding this to crank & unluck doors.

    The retail version is $400!!!!! Thats crazy, I know it can be made cheaper than that, especially since we'll have carputers.

    I did run across someone who added a finger print scanner to his notebook. He used a Sony scanner, does anyone know of another scanner which will work with MAC's?

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    hmm, this could be an intresting concept. Add in one of those aux remote start boxes, and have it setup to turn on your carputer when you press a button on the remote. The go to the car, and proceed to unlock your doors and crank engine with a biometric scanner running on that pc. If all else fails, you could always have your key backup.

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