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    Help Please Newb

    Hey I am about ready to start building a car pc, I downloaded road runner, ran it off a 1.5ghz pc it was slow as all hell, so my first question is what kind of specs do you need to run this smoothly? Second is about the hardware, I have JL w7s for woofers, will IDE hardrives in a Microcase located in trunk last long at all? If not is it possible to put the OS on something like a USB key and have a external USB hardrive mounted somewhere up fount, were there is less power? Also I have spent thousands on SQ and SPL, with a good sound card and cables, will I be able to get respectable SQ (sound quality) out of a car pc? And also is there a way to run remote amp turn on wires off the pc? Or do I just use ignition leads?

    About the software, I downloaded RR on my desktop, and it never went full screen, how will full screen be enabled, when in my car on a 7” touch screen. Also assuming a get a computer with respectable specs how long from power on to roadrunner usability? Also the Microsoft voice thing REALLY ****es me off, is there a way to replace this computerized voice with say pre recorded sound files so it doesn’t sound like ***. Just to clarify, on power up to car pc I don’t have to open RR do I? can it come on with the system?

    With the GPS software how does it stack up agiansts alpines setup, is it accurate? One last thing has this ever been done? Using LPT1 printer port on 5v relays to control neon lights and **** like that? Can you add apps in under the apps section?

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    Whoa, I almost drowned from the wave of questions..LOL . RoadRunner runs slow for me too and i have a p4 2.5 ghtz so I switched to Frodo which is lightning fast for me. RR is written in a different code than Fodo which is why Frodo is Faster. As for your other questions, I would search the appropriate forums for your answers because they've all been asked. All is Possible. Also a Welcome from a fellow Newb!

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    Road Runner slow?

    I have same issue with Road Runner it is just to damn slow. Also Media car took forever to load my 10000+ library of MP3's Both very nice front ends but just too slow whit my PC, VIA EPIA SP13000 (1.33GHz CPU) currently I'm using Mobile Impact and I'm very happy with it. I wish I could embed my Radio Shark USB AM/FM receiver into it but I have to live with it the way it is I guess.
    VIA EPIA-SP13000--- 1GB RAM--- 2x 100GB Samsung 2.5" HD--- Wireless NIC + GPRS--- M2-ATX--- Mobile Impact--- Built progress... about 75%

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