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Thread: Electronic interference and computers

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    Hmm, well, okay, I concede, BUT, I never had any interference when it was just the amps. Only when I added the carPC did I start getting radio interference, and only radio,m not on any other audio. So, I still seem to think that isn't the problem, although I haven't been able to discover what exactly is the problem.

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    well, if you do discover, be sure to post up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caelric View Post
    I have a case made of plexiglass, and my radio reception goes to ***** when I turn on the CarPC. Additionally, my alarm won't trigger from my keyfob until the CarPC is fully shut off. So, yes, radio interference can be a problem.

    I have a similiar issue. I also have plexiglass case and I cannot lock my car until the computer shuts down. If I keep trying to lock the car with the fob the computer will not shut down. I do not have radio reception issues. Thought I would share.

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