If any of you are e398/ROKR owners and are anything like me, you love music. That's how I am.

Recently, the headunit/cd player I had in my car was stolen. I guess someone liked it a lot or something freaking a$$holes..

Anyway, until my new headunit comes in the mail, here's what I've been using to listen to music:

here you can see the adapters i've rigged up to get the mini-headphone jack of my e398 to RCA cables to plug into the 4-channel amp I have in the back

here's a shot showing all the wires and cables in my dash waiting to be plugged into a new headunit..

I found an ignition switched +12v line from the wiring harness and wired that up to the remote turn on lead to the amps.

here you can see the equipment. infintiy 4-channel amp, 1.2fa cap, eclipse subwoofer and amp.

this is how you take the 2-channel audio coming from the e398, and take it to 4 channels! (RCA Y-adapters)

So now I have nice loud music (minus an EQ ) until I get my new headunit..