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Thread: Connecting laptop to In dash dvd player

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    Connecting laptop to In dash dvd player

    First of, I am a noob-and I have searched the forum first for a solution. I want to buy an in-dash dvd player, probably the ddx-6019. What is the easiest way to connect this in-dash screen to my laptop? Will the touch screen work with all of the computer functions (internet, word documents)? Is there a in-dash dvd player that would work better with connecting a laptop? Will the quality be ok with connecting the laptop to the kenwood? How difficult is the installation of connecting the laptop and the monitor?

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    All questions can probably be answered better by the toll-free (us) support at Crutchfield. Doesn't matter if you're going to buy from them or not - ask them as they have all the documentation for that unit at their fingertips.

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    When I called crutchfield, they told me there was no way to connect my laptop to the Kenwood DDX-7017. Is this really true?

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    You'd need a video-in on the laptop to connect the DVD player & play DVDs on the laptop screen. Most laptops don't have video-in.

    No, the touchscreen won't work to control your laptop. It will opnly control the headunit's functions.

    If the laptop has a composite video out, then the process is pretty simple and the answer can be found in these forums with a simple search.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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