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Thread: Help with A/C Control Interface

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    Question Help with A/C Control Interface

    Hello, I am looking to interface my PC with my cars A/C controls. I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban Z71. The A/C controls are all electronic and there are no duct actuators. All the controls look like simple potomiters(I hope I spelled it right). I have heard of interface boxes from a friend I used to know but I donít know how to contact him anymore. I want to replace the radio and the A/C controls with an Evo touch screen. I want to remove the screens case and bolt it to the old slot. When the dash would be installed it would look like a factory screen with the edges hidden. I have seen this done, but not touch screen. Does anyone have any ideas how I can interface with the A/C panel, and remove the radio panel. I would like to keep the original A/C controls and mount them in the glove compartment(once again, seen this done). Does anyone have any suggestions and/or links?

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    Potentiometer is the word you're looking for

    I can't help you with finding an interface box like you mentioned, but if you want to DIY what you want to do is replace those pots with digital pots (+ some support circuitry to interface with your parallel port or something.)

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    do a search on hvac controlls budy

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