So I totalled my 99 4 runne rlimited. I had it retrofitted with a laptop. it was just like the cops have. I had GPS, wifi, gsm, bluetooth, . I loved it. it was a bti cumbersome but I had it mounted in a great pot right inteh middle and I would run all sorts of apps on the road, for work etc. I drove drunk ( dont do it) and totalled my car. Im getting a new one and I want to set up a fully integrated system car pc, as well as reinstall my system. I had it does by sound advice previously and they did ok on the audio, it broke 3 times but they guarranteed it. I just dont think theyre qualified to do my fully custom system. Does enay body now of a company or person who would like to take on such a project comptently. I knwo what I want but I know Ill need custom bodno work and wiring,

I want

good car pc lots of power, hd space and memory, bluetooth ,firewirE

gps ( ive been trying to get it to run on google earth inthe car , it runs but I cant get it to track)
back up cam and front cam with night vision

nice custom fit touchscreen lcd as big as I can fit.

any people who know anybody that wants to be part of this install. I live in ft lauderdale I can go anywhere from miami to palm beach, my email is [email protected]