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Thread: Anybody use a Single Din computer?

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    Anybody use a Single Din computer?


    Hey all, i'm wondering just how good one of these would be. it uses an EPIA 800mhz processor, and the sound is an AC'97 (decent enough???)

    I'm trying to find the temperature rating for these right now... but i wanted to know how it performs..

    i'm looking for an easy install, but know i'll want decent enough sound and to be able to view a good quality.

    With the config i've chosen, it's $500 without the harddrrive only! i'm thinking thats quite decent!

    Please let me know your tthoughts on this matter. thanks.

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    Weird I just started looking at 1 dins tonight, hadn't come across this one yet.

    There's not as much out there as I would have expected -- but I just started looking


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    800mhz is probably as slow as I'd want, but thats acceptable if you run a lightweight front end. I run a 1ghz and I cant run Full screen Viz in RR/or CF. FP /WMP works great
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    PLE133 is a slowest chipset ever made. Do not even consider it will run your divxs or DVD. Everything else beside simple MP3 will be slow as hell.
    Also it does accept regular PC100 memory which is not even DDR, so it also makes everything slooow.
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    How about this config?

    Travla C134A-M1DC Black
    C134 Car PC system wires directly to the car battery
    mini-ITX form factor
    with VIA EPIA-M motherboard and 128MB memory

    Price $363.00
    Motherboard Required VIA EPIA SP13000:SKU#072-41146-420 Add $48.00
    Memory Required DDR 512MB:SKU#038-50512-460 Add $31.00
    SLIM HDD Optional Slim 40G HDD 4200RPM :SKU#032-10403-450 Add $73.00
    Media Drive Optional Black 24X Slim Slot CD ROM with Adapter Add $54.00
    Build & Test Included

    -The MB seems decent.. 6ch sound, accepts ddr.
    I don't underrstand the Cd-ROM options tho.. can anyone explain?
    there's a SLIM SLOT type, and SLIM DVD/CD-ROM COMBO.
    I understand the combo part, but how is the slot type different?

    how does the above carpc config sound to you lot?

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    i'm guessing the SP13000 is better than the M10000.. but i have seen that the M10000 is more popular on the forum.. better read up on that again...

    ohh, and another question to add.. is an amplifier needed??? (lol..why do i feel like this is a stupid question...?)

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    A slot player takes the disc from your hands once you press it part way in the slot in the front, whereas the other type you snap the disc into the tray and push it in. You will need an amplifier, as the PC can't power your speakers from it's audio port. If you have a head unit with aux in you can use that to amplify the audio coming from the PC.

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    I had the M10k and went to the SP13k and both will work great, I had them both in the Travla C134 case, no problems. I used a slot load DVD slim drive and used a CF card to boot off of with a M1-ATX PS unit. I had an external USB drive that had all my MP3's, Maps and so forth. It is a great way to start out with carpc stuff.

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