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Thread: CarPC (tell me what you think)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will Albers
    Yet you will sell your system on the net? Dream on hooker

    I have no idea what you are asking... I got my PCMCIA to PCI card for $30 shipped. I would pay $30 shipped. That answer your question? I hope your "system" includes a lot more than just a PCMCIA PCI Card
    lol I was going to say the same

    OP not being funny but if your going to have a website and sell thing, then learning to do full marketing is a big thing you need to do, like me and any one else has to do that owns a website that sells stuff.
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    I know what you're talking about. A PCMCIA device that allows you to run PCI cards on say a laptop. I would not recommend such a device for use in a CarPC for two reasons 1) they're expensive 2) they require external power.

    This is your best bet, it's $1,000 and will work with 12v dc. See, I told ya - expensive.

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    Oh yeah, those suckers are DEFINITELY expensive.

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