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Thread: Wierd Problem

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    Wierd Problem

    first of hello, ive been lurking this forum for quite a while now and i finally got my car pc installed today .. everything works fine (using indash 7" liliput) since the pc was clean i booted it up with windows xp .. the part where u do format it said no HD was found .. im using slim HD .. so i unplugged the HD IDE and power and plugged it back in, now the whole PC wont turn on at all? i am using M1ATX any idea as to what might be wrong?

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    check the ribbon and power cables for the drive. Maybe the ribbon is flipped/reversed or not seated well.
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    Also, go into the BIOS setup after the drive and make certain it's being detected properly.
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    well as of now i only have M1ATX and motherboard connected.. and its not powering up at all i am really out of ideas and not sure what to do :\ and yes i did check the ignition/power wires and power is flowing in fine. I checked the fuse on M1ATX thats fine aswell.

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