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Thread: No prizes, but at least I'm in the game.

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    Talking No prizes, but at least I'm in the game.

    So far I am enjoying my home built player. I wont win any prizes from my design, but it's working well. I'm using linear circuits so it only works while the engine is running, but so far so good.
    See pictures and schematics at:
    I didn't buy everything at Rat Shack, but most of the parts I used are available there. I'll probably work over the next few months to get a Sroggy supply built.

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    I love the step down diodes!
    And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows? (Does what it says on the URL) (The new car, with zero rust!) (My other site)
    Total re-design underway: on the whole progress is very slow as the car is taking up too much time :)

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    Nice Heater also - i need one of them in the VW ( no heat )
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