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Thread: Double DIN in an 06 accord?

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    Double DIN in an 06 accord?

    Has anybody tried installing a double din head unit into their 03-06 accord in the lower space with the honda oem kit? I was thinking about doing this but I am not sure if the opening will fit. I would love to see pictures if anyone has them. I have seen the threads with people cutting and bondo-ing but this would be nice if it fit right in. Thanks

    Heres a pic of the honda oem kit, - imagine it without the pocket and cassette player
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    although i dont know for sure, the TMZ bezel chassis from would prolly fit in the double din slot, however, to make it look oem, you would have to get creative on building something around the screen.

    keep in mind this may not work, although i have seen the WRX chassis in other cars, ive never seen them in the place you are suggesting
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    That looks like double din to me. Mostly because it looks like the older openings on the older accords / Civics, which were DD.

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    thats what im thinking but has anyone actually done this?
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    my co-worker is working on molding a 7" xenarc using a metra kit made for that opening.

    where did you find that honda OEM piece?
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    honda sells it and calls it the audio attachment, for the 2006 the part number is 08b06-sda-101a. For the 03-05 the number is 08b06-sda-100. It runs about $58. Just do a search for the part number and it will come up at several places.
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    I've seen it done on Cardomain.....

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