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Thread: don't you just f$%king love it?

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    you'd think after having it done to you once before you'd dish out some money and get an alarm?

    i'm sorry, but if you're going to have a system like this in your car, and you DONT install a decent alarm, you're asking for someone to come, take every thing in your car, and get away, no strings attached.

    sorry this happened to you, but not having any type of security is like asking for them to come back time and time again.

    so with that being said, get an alarm and go start over.

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    hella sucks man
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdiazj1
    Don't you just ****en love it when you spend a **** load of money and all that time and effort and dedication into building the system that you always wanted and then some ****en dickheads get jealous and decide that they want your ****. and then, they wait til its late as hell, wait for you to go to sleep and break into your **** and not only do they take your precious creation, they also manage to (sorry, read on to find out why i only wrote up to here) destroy your whole interior in the process.

    They broke my dash apart stealing my k301, they broke my center console to steal my kenwood, they managed to destroy my usb hub for no aparent reason, there were pieces of it on the floor, they stole my woofers and my amp, they took my radar detector that was on the windshield.

    when they got to the computer, i guess they couldnt figure out how to take it out because i have to secured (screwed) on the rear console on my truck ( i own a navigator ) so they just decided to trash it. since they cant take it, lets **** it up ( i think thats what they were saying ) dont you just ****en love when that happens? ****en dickheads.

    Sorry about leaving you guys in suspence, its cause i was originally typing this on my cell phone because i was waiting in the glass shop getting my window replaced, (bastards set me up $101 for a tinted glass), and as i was typing it, the guy came bak saying that it was done, so i had to summit whatever i had typed and go pay and drive to work.

    when i got to the parking garage from my job, i reached for the parking sensor pass, you know what im talking about, that little while sensor that you get when u have a monthly pass for garages, well anyways, i reached for it where i normally had it and realized that those **** heads had stole that too. now tell me, what the hell are they going to do with that. so now i have to pay for a full day's parking and go buy a replacement, which will probably set me bak another $30 for the replacement and maybe $20 for the day parking. so far thats $151 today not to mention all the **** that they stole.

    now i got to big *** holes in my dash and console and i cant put back the told radio cause i had to modify (cut) the dash (****) so now im debating on getting everything replace because this is not the first time that it happens. they broke into my **** last summer too and stole my radio and another pair to 12s and an amp that my girl had given me.

    The thing is that my truck is to big to fit in my garage, so i either have to get the garage enlarged, the truck lowered or get another vehicle cause i dont want to risk it again. what do u? sorry guys, i just needed to vent.

    yea, i do have insurance for the vehicle but not for upgrades (audio/visual) and no the lcd wasnt molded into the dash, it was that motorized k301 one that mp3car sells. i was just finishing up tweaking it and just yesterday as a matter of fact, i decided to take the plunge and get the unlimited data plan from tmobile cause i had gotten a bluetooth dogle and was going to be using to go online.

    i hope those bastard rot in hell. one of my cousins is a cop so im going to holla at him later to see what i can do.
    Man that really sucks, not a whole lot can be done I hope the cops sent somebody out to try and get some prints. I know its rare, but I have heard it happening a couple times when the value of items stolen was high.

    Anyway if this has happened to you before and you are living in the same place chances are they will take your **** again. I would seriously look in to some sort of video system. Couple in California recently caught some **** heads on video trying to set their house on fire. They have been getting harassed for a while and finally decided to set up a camera. Where do you live, house or apartment?

    If you really want a nice system and can't move then I suggest bullet resistant glass

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    Homeowners insurance may cover this. Its worth a try.
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    they need to make alarms that scream like a woman or yell something. People would respond to that. like "RAAAAAPE!" or "HELP! SOMEONES STEALING MY CAR" or "HELP ITS RICHARD SIMMONS" ... i think someone would help :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdashiki
    Dood, PARAGRAPHS can be your friend.

    Damn, take offense why doncha.
    Jeesus... whats wrong with u? guy got his carputer nicked and u complain grammatics... id like to see u say that to him face2face

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    Quote Originally Posted by z32_vg30dett_z3
    they need to make alarms that scream like a woman or yell something. People would respond to that. like "RAAAAAPE!" or "HELP! SOMEONES STEALING MY CAR" or "HELP ITS RICHARD SIMMONS" ... i think someone would help :-)
    They already do. You can buy a talkin module for most alarms and program it to say whatever you want.

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    Okay I'm sorry...

    You want your **** back?

    Just kidding. But just a thought. You have the money for a navigator.... the money for all the parts and the time to do it. Why did you not invest in an alarm and/or remote paging for the alarm?
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    Sorry to hear for your loss, I hope those Fu*kers Die in a fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopperhawk
    Just kidding. But just a thought. You have the money for a navigator.... the money for all the parts and the time to do it. Why did you not invest in an alarm and/or remote paging for the alarm?
    He had an alarm.

    "actually, i do have an alarm with bright, blue leds and there are near the mirror. but i guesss that it went off and nobody wanted to chek out their windows and check and i was knocked out and didnt hear it either."

    If he was knocked out hard enough, the remote pager probably wouldn't have woken him up either.

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