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Thread: Opus and Wake-on-LAN

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    Opus and Wake-on-LAN

    (I thought about posting this in "Power Supplies", but I figured it was more of a generic problem that other people might face)


    I've got an unmodded Opus 150W waiting to go into my CarPC which I am currently acquiring all the bits for.

    I've decided I would probably want to Wake-on-LAN my CarPC from my house or office, just in case I wanted to do some remote admin, upload some songs/movies, or whatever. I know wireless Wake-on-LAN is possible with certain PCI/PCMCIA combos.

    Waking my PC on remotely and having it boot up would mean it would need to boot up WITHOUT the ignition being on (obviously). I would also need to make sure it stays on until I explicitly sent it back into hibernation, standby or off completely (i.e. what the Opus would normally do when I took the key out of the ignition).

    I would need the PC to behave otherwise completely normally when I haven't woken it up - i.e. coming out of hibernate/standby/off when ignition goes on, and going back into hibernate/standby/off when finished.



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    I am trying to do the very same thing. This is actually a fairly complicated thing it seems the more I look into it. I myself do not have the ability to perform a remote Wake-On-Lan as I do not believe my motherboard (guts of a Sony Vaio Notebook) support the feature but the on-board NIC does, but I don't think the smart guys at sony made the connection leaving it as a broken feature or something along those lines.

    Anyway, I then tried to do things like having a thin-clinet software load before windows, could have this in a thumb-drive, floppy disk, or a smartcard and consume very low cpu cycles and turn off hard disks and other things as it runs off the boards NIC. This could await for a command to reboot the computer but it consumes the same amount of power as if it was on normally so screw that idea too.

    You cannot wake a computer from sleep or hibernate using Remote Desktop, so that will not work either.

    Now I am back to looking at documentaion on my motherboard and WOL trying to see if I missed something the first time I tried it. But I am still basically ****ing in the wind. This is a very important feature for a car computer I believe.

    Anyone else have alternative methods to remote boot?

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    Go buy something like a remote door opener, they make specific ones for accessories that just close a relay contact or provide 12v when you hit the button, and shut off when you hit the button again. Wire that in-line with your turn-on wire for the car (preferably through a relay or after a Diode so you don't turn on the WHOLE car) and you have a simple solution.

    This shouldn't cost much, maybe $50-$60 max, and is much easier and foolproof than dealwing with the WoL stuff.

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    Just thought I'd add some closure to this thread..

    Spoke to Opus and they told me that the Opus 150W supports Wake-on-LAN, but only up to 40 minutes. In other words (I guess?) the Opus will shut down the PC arbitrarily after 40 minutes, even if you're in the middle of transferring something. I guess if it shuts it down gracefully it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    I was also told the shutdown delay was configurable and seperate from the normal shutdown, although how you would configure this is anyones guess (the rep mentioned it was part of the firmware)

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