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Thread: Is it important to have your screen high in the dash?

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    Is it important to have your screen high in the dash?

    I am contemplating installing my screen very low in my dash. Would people advise against doing this? I guess it would be better for keeping the corner of your eye on the road while changing tunes etc if the screen was higher and it would be better for GPS too. But is it really essential?

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    Lots of people have them mounted low in the dash. I would prefer it high myself for the reasons you mentioned.
    I'd also set mine down into the dash to shield it from sunlight and angle it so it points towards the roof to minimize reflections (the bane of touchscreens).
    I'm sort of stuck with the stock radio location because I went with a motorized screen.



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    The location is all up to you, really.
    Higher up on the dash will make the screen closer to your field of view while driving, meaning your attention is diverted for a shroter period of time. However, glare will likely be worse higher on the dash.

    It all boils down to placing the screen in a location that is comfortable for you to use.
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    If I have an option to mount it high, I would. It's better for field of view and some what "safer" when driving. On the other hand, glare is suck. If you look at OEM installed, almost all screen are up higher in the dash.
    But, most of our installs are stucks to wherever the oem radio location.
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    it depends on how your dash is set-up

    for many people, lower in the dash is better, while for others, higher is ideal.

    do you have a picture of the dash in your car since many of us have never seen one in person?
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    Having it as low as possible (as low as the shifter) makes it a lot more discrete...

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    I have mine high, it goes above the dash. I like it. Some positives of lower could be no direct sunlight and more stealth. There are positives and negatives to both.
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    Get Low

    In the past two fab jobs I did, I tried to put the screen as low as possible.
    That way there's less chance of getting pulled over and being asked lots of questions over nothing.
    Actually, the first time I mounted the LCD, it was so low that in 1st, 3rd, and 5th gears the shift would partially cover the lower portion of the screen.

    To avoid being distracted, I'd suggest using some sort of an external input device along with the touchscreen -- for better and easier familiarity.
    It's also helpful to have some sort of a hand/wrist-rest so you don't have to take your eyes off the road when touching the screen.
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    I have all mine high. Like other have said it's really all about personal preference and available locations. I built custom mounts for my 10" tablets and for me higher is better for both me and my passengers. Its easier to use the touchscreen, GPS is just a sideglance away, and at the speeds I drive I want my eyes out of the cockpit - I'd be afraid to look down to see the screen. Also since I don't want to add headrest screens for rear passengers, up high its easily readable for all (thought I was gonna admit to watching movies, didn't ya ).
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    Boils down tooo....

    What works for you!

    Mine is high on my dash...

    Easy to see
    Can be seen easily from the back seat
    Easy access for Touch Screen
    Less blocking it

    cops are constantly asking questions
    Glare can be an issue
    Can take your attention off driving.....
    and block vision if mounted on dash

    thats what I have found.....

    For my next install im leaning toward installing it lower....for my car it would mean less fabrication and less distraction...
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