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Thread: Why should I run a front end???

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    Why should I run a front end???

    So I've finally got my carPC finished and in the car. I've been driving around with it in for a few days playing around with iTunes, and for some reason or another i cant get interwinDVD to play DVD's or WMP to play them...but that aside....why should I consider using a front end program? I've had very little problem navigating through windows without it. Granted...trying to double click with a touch screen can be trying at times, and so can scrolling around, but I've more or less gotten used to it. One nice thing that I can see about not having a front end is that I have my start bar down at the bottom so I can switch programs at my finger tips...would be great in case I get pulled over watching a movie or something to switch to iTunes or Navi.

    I've not really even looked through the front end programs...I'm not even sure if any of them are compatable with iTunes.

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    I don't see an advantage not running a frontend, its just as easy to switch from movies to navi or audio in any frontend. A frontend also provides an interface more suitable for a mobile environment.

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    Most programs present data that is too small to be clicked on easily on a normal windows interface.

    Plus, a frontend is alot more sexy when showing off your ride.
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    You can do whatever you want. I, personally, like the easy 'touchability' of a front end. I don't use iTunes, so that doesn't really bother me.

    It's really up to you. If you don't see a point to it, don't use it. You can always try a few out and see if you change your mind, though.

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    I don't use frontend in my supra setup cuz I don't have a ts to ultilize the big button of the fe. Remote control is all i need (I use mousy sometime too)
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    My set up is just for music. I use WinAmp and a small keypad for control, no need for a front end.
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    yeah my carPC is 50% for music, 25% GPS, 10% movies, 10% OBDII (soon hopefully), and 5% show off coolness factor. I've considered using's just that I have no programing skills what-so-ever and from what I've read it looks as though you have to write either programs or code for some of the front ends to really work well...and seeing as I have no clue how to do that or desire to learn how to do that, it may just be easier to run it without.

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    You don't need to code anything to get a front-end to work.
    Now, if you want to customize a front-end and tweak it, there may be some configuration involved, but not any writing of code...
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    How about the Wiki?

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    oh....oh.....oooooohhhhhh.......hmmm.....well i may as well download one and play aorund with it for a few days....why not....Any sugestions?

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