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Thread: quick question, boot and play?

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    quick question, boot and play?

    I've got a small HP e-vectra, but i don't have a touch screen yet because i don't have money, so in the mean time i wanted to use it like a large Ipod shuffle really. I've got the remote and all that taken care of, and i can use the start up folder for auto starting whichever player i want. But the question i want to know is what /commands do i add to the shortcut target to get it to auto play whatever was last played (thus being the big 14 gig play list) I don't care so much it rembers the song, but as long as it plays it ASAP.

    thanks for the help!

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    oh and FYI, i could use WMP or Winamp it makes no difference to me.

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    So you will try to blindly control the PC?

    Well good luck with that.

    I know that Front Ends like RR keep the list that was last in there last. Also MusicMatch just plays when you open it. At least the old versions do.
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    I am sure you can do that with winamp.
    There are plugin to auto play winamp on start (resumer).
    You can map winamp control (play, prev, next ...... ) to numeric keypad.
    Also there is/are girder gml files for winamp.

    If you have compartible HU, you can use car2PC adapter to control winamp/wmp from the HU and/or its remote control. I use this car2PC adapter to control winamp/roadrunner in my Supra setup and love it.
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