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Thread: Interesting Product

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    For the money it could be fun little portable Standard-Definition HTPC. A device this size with component and/or DVI-out with HD complient resulotions would would awesome. You'd need a hell of a beefier processer to decode most HD encoded AV. This unit here could be your all-in-one solution "porn-box"

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    All you need now is the hands free kit to go with this so called porn box!

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    I just ordered one

    Yesterday i put the order though for one of these:
    It should be good, i'll type up something when it arrived down here in Australia!
    They talk of delivery times around 2 weeks -20 days :S

    I am going to order the glasses next week when my pay comes in and i have some room to breath with my money!

    I will keep you posted

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