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wow, its so nice to see others so willing to help people out. do you guys tell people who are looking for directions on the street to shove it? his was a simple question. is this all i need? answer: yes. three letters, problem solved. if this hobby requires you to "think on your own" why is this board here to begin with?
Nobody is telling anyone to shove it.
Whether you like it or not, this hobby requires users to think on their feet, do some creative problem solving, troubleshooting and research.
Everyone of us who has a working system in their car (at whatever stage) has had to do all of that, repeatedly.

Sorry if you don't want to. You gotta.

As I said, if the OP can't figure out what's needed after a number of members provided informational links for him to read and learn from, he needs to find a new hobby, plain and simple.

If you want a simple install without having to flex any grey matter, pay the premium for a Pioneer AVIC unit and pay the punk at Circuit City to install it.
We'll have our computers that will do far more because we were willing to think and problem solve and troubleshoot.
Welcome to the real world.