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Thread: aiwa cdc-mp3 weird problem

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    aiwa cdc-mp3 weird problem

    ok the long story short

    the unit has aux-in...when i plug in my ipod the sound is all weird like there are certain fequencies is the weird part...the only way to get full sound is if i connect the metal part of the ipod with any metal that is on chasis on the car...tip of the handbrake, gas pedal, the metal around the aiwa soon as i connect any of those with the metal part of the ipod the sound is full...i have tried checking all the unit inside and outside and everything seems good...does anyone have an idea why this would be happening?

    thanks for reading this

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    Sounds like some sort of grounding issue with the radio. First place to check is the wiring for the radio itself.

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    all the connections are almost sounds like only the front detachable panel which has the aux in integrated needs grounding of some sort :/

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