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Thread: Carputer stuck at desk for how long?

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    Cool Carputer stuck at desk for how long?

    I'm just curious how long most people had their carputer sit at their desk, Its been a little over a week with my screen, and i swore up and down that as soon as I got the screen it would go in my car.

    Then it was well I need an amp first, but I dont really wana start on the dash install, untill after I have a slot-loaded DVD/CD player upfront to get the idea on how to lay it out.

    So I buy the DVD/CD player, so atleast I can get a rough estimate on how to design it, The amp is hopefully comming next week (I only need it because I'm ditching my HU)

    Then theres the whole setting up linux and all first thing... And I figured a month after I quit smoking I'ld be done!

    Here it is nearly 2 months later, and the only reason I got this far is because my dad bought me a new laptop so I'm using my old one......

    So how long did your carputer sit at the desk, all alone.....

    Just curious! Cause this is driving me nuts... And why does it take SOOOOOO long to get a part even when you paid extra to get it overnight!

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    Not sure what you are asking here....???

    It took me two days to install my system. The extra day because I was drinking the first night.

    Up until I got wireless Internet, I had to bring the system into the house to do upgrades (2001). Since then it hasn't left the car for more than a few days.

    I think people usually plan out their systems ahead of time and/or order everything all at once. Unless they're doing some really custom work, I think most people put their systems in pretty fast.

    Did you get linux setup yet? Why don't you just use that laptop you were given?

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    I have all the parts sitting in a case, i have a 15" TS, I have a HU with rear aux inputs, all have been sitting for over a year with the exception of the HU. At one point I had the screen installed but got tired of it sitting there possibly getting stolen or damaged so I removed it.

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    my pc sat on my test bench and in a box off to the side, for about 1 month. everything was ready to go but i had to wait on fabrication time for a couple things. As soon as my fabrication was done, it only took part of a day to install everything.
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    My carpc has been sitting for almost 2 months while I work through some fabrication issues. But my last install that wasnt integrated in-dash went in in one day, although before that the pc itself had taken maybe a month to put together as I searched for the right components at the best prices.
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    I'm still working on getting everything to behave, then im probibly going to rebuild a kernel, so its a little smaller, I've only got a 20 gig HD in this right now...

    Atleast I now know that I'm not alone in having it being on the desk for various reasons, I've got all the parts but the amp so i could technicaly install it (ive got a spare amp that SHOULD work for a while if i really really needed it. Unfortunatly its only a 2 channel amp.)

    Anways. I've been so busy now, I figure the more I take my time, the more likley I am to get it exactly the way I want it, besides my headunit isnt a bad one, so its not like im really suffering anways... I just want a screen because I can, lol.


    ps: Thanks for the replys!
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    Have: Dell L400 (700Mhz 32?RAM, 20Gig HD), 7" Newvision, Pioneer DVDRW/CDRW via USB
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    My current setup never wasted a day! lol... im using an ibm / lenovo x41 tablet and all i did was install navi software on it, road runner, winamp and a couple of other programs and i was set. since then, in and out of the car, i have been tweaking the OS to get it the way i want and the way it's most comfy to use on the road.

    my previous mini itx setup was built in a day and sat on the floor of my apartment for about 5 *****ing months. it was supposed to go into my hummer but i didnt have the guts to start ripping out the interior of my $65,00 truck.... so i sold that setup on ebay for something like $300-400 less than what i paid for it... at least i learned my lesson: i am not inclined - with the knowledge OR the tools - to do automotive work - even as easy as just ripping out an interior/dash.
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    Dont' get too upset.
    Some guys spend last couple years in the forum with thousands of post and still don't event have all part purchase.
    So carPC sitting in your desk is much much closer to final installation.

    BTW, my was sitting in my desk for fine tune for a month or 2. The only push that I have to put it in the car was because my baby would be born soon so I have to do it. Otherwise, I would have no time to do anything.
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    its better to do it right the first time.

    had mine on the desk for about a month (only able to work on install during the weekends) system ran fine. then died. took it out rebuilt it put it in without fine tuning. bluetooth drivers were screwed up - as they always get because windows doesnt get along with bluetooth and had to start over again which meant removing the system again.

    Moral of the story - Once you think you have the install - play with it on your desk for at least a few days get comfortable with it (helps to be comfortable when driving) then install it.

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    The very first install I did, I got everything, installed the OS, got everything up and working, and let it sit on the desk running to make sure all was ok, for about 2 weeks.

    Durring htat time, we were pulling the car apart to do the rest of the install we were working on at the time.

    For the past PC installs, it's been just making sure it works inside, then immediately outside to swap out parts.
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