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Thread: newbie car install question

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    newbie car install question

    k, with the risk of defacing myself... i need some help.
    im one of those geek dudes that can do anything with a microcontroller or a computer, but cant work with a screwdriver if my life depended on it. lol

    so yea, i have a 95 Mustang GT that i recently bought, and a carputer running of my laptop. just picked up one of those 7" EBY701 lilliput and now i need to put in into my dash.

    here's my list of dumb questions:

    this is my dash

    1. how the heck do i remove the dash panel, without me freaking out that i'll break it. what tools do i need ?

    2. i wanna remove the headunit, and move it down to where the CD player is (im taking the cd player out). how do i do this, and what tools again ?

    3. i have this cool arm that can move 4 ways (up/down, left/right). i wanna install this into the head unit area, with a little protruding outside, and have my LCD on it. this way, i can easily swivel the LCD left and right, and even up and down a little. someone said that i'll have put a little sheet metal in there and screw the arm onto it.... yes, like u guessed - i'm lost. lol

    and help/instructions would be appreciated ppl !

    meanwhile, if you're interested in a tiinnny usb keyboard that im making, look at this thread and i'll be happy to make one for u.

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    ummm, even if we told you how to do it, i'd still be worried you might break it +_+

    1. the tools you need to get most covers off is generally some type of prying device for the little clips that hold it (my 240sx didnt need any prying, it just popped off, but obviously a mustang is a lot different) the only way to know how to take it off properly, is either for someone with a mustang to tell you how, or look at a manual, other than that, just be careful

    2. to move the headunit, as long as there arent any cables, should be fairly simple, mind you it might not sit perfectly if the cdplayer and headunit arent the same size, so some fabrication of a mount might be necessary (they look fairly close though) to get most cd players out, you just need a philips (star) screwdriver, pull it out and disconnect the wires

    3. to properly mount ur swivel thing, you would need a plate of some kind to mount the swivel to, so be it aluminum, steel, whatever, you would need to make one, just find the mounting holes for the cd player (as im assuming thats where the swivel would go), and make a little plate that securely fits into those mounting holes, then attach the swivel to the plate and there u go

    cant really help you other than that, sry

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    As for the swivel motion... You should have got a DWW700h from

    I use it. Its perfect for me.
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