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Thread: Another Email/Phone gadget for your car

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    Another Email/Phone gadget for your car

    Telematics and automotive safety device manufacturer Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) is to launch what it claims is the 'world's first hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use.'

    Based on patent-pending technology, the device, called iLane, is said to provide drivers with a safe voice-based interface to access their email messages while on the road. iLane automatically notifies the driver of incoming emails and other important information by reading a brief summary in what the company describes as 'a natural-sounding voice', in the driver's language of choice. The driver can then listen to the entire email message, forward or compose a response and manage meeting requests using verbal instructions. Phone calls, SMS messages and a number of email attachment types can also be managed using what is claimed to be a hands-free and eyes-free interface. article continues below
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    Does Anybody Alredy install a tach for Civic DX 2001?
    Can post a wiring diagram on how to install it please thanks!

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    Sounds cool.
    But without a price tag, I don't know if I should replace current email reader. She does a great job and is ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Road_Dog View Post
    Sounds cool.
    But without a price tag, I don't know if I should replace current email reader. She does a great job and is ...

    Now that's funny!



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