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Thread: headrest LCD's with the carPC

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    headrest LCD's with the carPC

    Just toying with the idea of getting 2 non touch screen LCD's and putting them in the headrests in my car. That way the rear passagners can watch movies a lot easier than they can now (monitor's in the radio bezel in the middle of the dash, so anyone sitting behidn the drivers seat or the passenger seat really cannot see without leaning into the middle. I only really carry 4ppl in my car, 5 is to tight but doable for short trips).

    I'm wondering though, would it be better to run it as a dual monitor so i can have the rears independent from the front, or should i just keep it all the same. I'm not going to have them auto-on since it's rare that I have ppl in the back seat, and that way if I've got 3 ppl in the car I only have 2 monitors on and not all 3.

    What do you guys think? Chances are I'll probably not do it, but who knows, maybe I will someday.


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    I'd say go for it!
    I've rarely used my headrest monitors, but it's nice to know they are there...

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    Here ya go.

    Running in extended mode. You don't want clone. I have a 2nd instant of iG running on those monitor all the time. When video/dvd is playing, auto full screen on those screen (secondary screen) via video overlay.

    BTW, the monitor on the left is DEAD after a week. I get replacement under warranteee, but I have to pay shipping both way. Otherwise, I have to wait for the manufacture to fix the screen and they sent it to me, and that can take from 1 to 3 months. With that much time waiting, may as well pay 30 bucks and have them ship new screen next day.
    I would advise NOT to buy anything electronic like monitor oversea. They are cheap when they work right. Otherwise, it will cost you double. I pay 45 bucks to have the screen ship to HK for repair/replace and pay another 30 bucks for them to ship a new screen right away.
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    Hi peeps,sorry to hijack ur thread as i'm new on the car pc scene, how do you run the other screens via carputer, what software would i need or can you tell me the easy way to do it in simple terms as i'm only just getting my head around this lol
    cheers richard

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