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Thread: multi colored switches?

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    multi colored switches?

    hey guys im wondering if anyone here can help me out.

    im looking for some illuminated swithes so that when they are off they ligth up one color and when they are on they light up a different color

    i have no clue what these switches are called, id prefer a pushbutton style switch but i dont really care, please help if you can, thanks

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    Well, they make bi-colored leds (typically red/green), but I am not sure I have seen them in any switches. You may just have to look around some of the electronic parts websites (,,, ) and see what they have. I have seen some pushbuttons for automobile driving and fog lights that have two seperate leds in them. Happy searching!

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    holy, those switches you posted are overkill, lol

    i cant find any cheaper ones at the moment, but oh well

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    heres another place in us to get really awesome switches

    After scouring the web for a switch i liked, that will compliment the instal im doing, i found some.

    These guys have some really great looking, lit up switches, the vandal resistant onse. They light up with either the whole center of the switch, or just a ring around it. Plus they're a nice and shiny metal switch. They look and feel great.

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    I believe someone on these forums used one of those buttons, a blue one though.

    imo those are way too expensive for switches, even though they are sexy.

    I'd rather just rip apart a case I can get for that price and take the power button from it =)

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