here's what i've picked out:

ex-audio touchscreen*
via epia mII-12000 motherboard
seagate 400gb hard drive*
m2-atx power supply
512mb ddr266 dimm
lite-on external usb slimline DVD drive
linksys wpc54g pcmcia 802.11g network card+
usb gps reciever*
mini wirless keyboard & gyro mouse*

* already have it
+ is there a a pcmcia 802.11g card that can have an external antenna hooked up?

the last thing i need to pick out is a pci video card with a tv tuner. i suspect i will kinda have to take whatever i can find on ebay since no one manufactures pci video cards anymore. i know the mobo has vga built in, but i want a separate card so i can get the native 800x480 on the touchscreen.

anyone spot any incompatabilities? am i forgetting anything? cables? other random accessories?