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Thread: Does such a unit exist?

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    If you're thinking of using a regular remote, only a little hacking is needed to bend the IR LED to face the dash.

    Come to think of it, there are 'presentation' remotes, but those are usually bundled with projectors. Wow, here's one for a not-bad price: another:

    Just Froogle 'RF presentation remote' for even more. Looks like most software that comes with these aren't programmed for what you want to do, but it shouldn't be too difficult to scrounge up the right software to use them with your apps.

    Other thoughts that occured, and were posted before the above brain storm:
    I've seen bluetooth headphones with a remote on the side of one of the ear peices, but those are fairly expensive. If you're a bit of a hardware hacker, you could modify a car remote (the ones to operate the locks, open the trunk, enable car alarm, etc.) and a reciever to work with a PC.

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    Well not a "regular" remote, just one of those dinky tiny ones you get with a HU, almost an inch wide, 1/2inch thick, 1.5inch long yknow

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    there is the one controller on here I read about, it is more of a column device though... I'll see if I can find it

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