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Thread: creative vision:m / hi speed usb. HELP

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    creative vision:m / hi speed usb. HELP

    ive recently bought the creative zen vision:m 30gb player and i cant get it to work on my computer, i have installed everything from the software cd and when i connect the player my computer says, mtp device will function at reduced speed . click on the ballon and it tells me i need to install a high speed usb 2.0. i have 4 usb ports on my computer and apparently non of them are high speed. they are all 2.0 ports so i was wondring
    • is it the creative player thats the problem
    • is it my computer
    • is it my usb ports, all of which are 2.0
    • how do i make them high speed ports
    • if i buy a high speed usb hub, will that solve my problem?
    • should i take the player back for a refund

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    There are likely drivers for your motherboard that you need to install that will enable the high-speed USB functionality. Also, Update Windoze XP should be at least SP1, and I personally recommend SP2.
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    Sounds like you need service pack 2. Not sure you need the whole thing, but included is alot of stuff for USB 2.0. Try that first.

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