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Thread: Trouble with FV24 and Win2k

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    Trouble with FV24 and Win2k

    Has anyone here tried to install win2k on one of these fv24s? I tried to install it from scratch and I am stuck with an unidentified audio device called "MEDIA"!!! I misplaced the cd and I tried to download all the drivers from but none of them seem to help!

    If anyone has any tips please help.

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    Out of interest, have you considered using XP - it boots faster and is generally more efficient. Plus, it has lots of drivers so would probably solve your problem.
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    Agreed.. 2k is solid like a rock.. And about as slow too

    Xp is fast, stable, and overall just plain good
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    I own a copy of win2k, not xp that is why i am currently using it. I really need to find a good deal on a copy of xp.

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    Does XP work well as an OS for an mp3 player?? I currently use Win98 lite on an SV24
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebAssistUK
    Does XP work well as an OS for an mp3 player?? I currently use Win98 lite on an SV24

    I am having problems with audio line out and windows98 - I cannot get sounds to come out of the line out or get audio into the line in - any insight ???
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