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    Lightbulb website updates

    hey guys,

    just thought I would drop a shameless plug towards my mp3swift website. Added some new images/text with the installation of a pioneer steering wheel remote and custom IRman circuit, updated the links, and some other small things. be sure to check it out... even just to increase that web counter a bit more!

    oh and a happy new year to all!
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Nice Job! The steering wheel remote is really a great idea. Can you buy it seperately?


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    Crutchfield has the remote for $40: Pioneer CD-SR80. A little pricey, but a very cool remote indeed. I may have to add one to my box -- I've always wanted wheel-mounted controls.

    [Edit] Crutchfield also has some more expensive Blaupunkt steering wheel remotes (including some colorful Thummer 3s) and an ugly Kenwood remote. The Pioneer looks the best, in my opinion.

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