Dear mp3car forum,

I found this very interesting forum searching on google. I know it's not a good thing to post a first message like this one but I would like to have some information for my very simple remote project.

I tried a search for clarion and for clarion remote on different sections on this forum but I didn't find anything usefull.

I know that this forum is best for "Carputer" 8this is the first time I heard about that) but general Car Audio forums are not so technic as you are.

This is my problem/question. I ask administrator to move this post where they find it more appropriate if this is not the correct section.

I've got a BMW K1100LT motorbike that has an old Clarion radio. It has a "steering remote" (simply 4 push buttons, 2 for volume up and down and 2 for seek up and down).

I would like to use this remote on my new Clarion DXZ658RMP. One idea is to use infrared input on the radio but we will have to use an infrared transmitter near the front of the radio and it's not very preety to look at.

This Clarion unit has CENET and the so called (by clarion) "OEM steering wheel remote control input" on the back of the unit, but is it possible to have some information on the protocol used by this input?

Thank you
Francesco (dataware)