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Thread: Any body on here in Germany Help Needed ASAP

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    Any body on here in Germany Help Needed ASAP

    If there's anyone on here in Munchen, Germany I need some help. I sent a package and the USPS tracking number is CP149568316US the last infromation on the package said Attempted Delivery on Oct. 28th now the place I sent it to says they don't have it nor do they have a notice for parcel pickup. I contacted my postal service and they say to contact the local postal service in germany for that address. I can't speak or translate german so I need the help of some who can. I need to know where the package is I assume it's sitting there waiting to be picked up. Any help would be appreciated

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    if you can contact them via email, go to alta and use the babble fish translator. send them an email apologizing for your poor attempt at the german language and ask for help.
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