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Thread: I'm having some second thoughts.

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    pretty much if you have to ask that question then this hobby isn't for you. you need to have a drive/desire to do this sort of thing to your car.

    some advantages that i find important is the ever growing upgradability. For me it's fun to switch components out and trying to get the best system. Another thing is the ability to make this look oem. most aftermarket headunits are so gawdy that i wouldn't imagine installing them in my car regardless of how nice they sound. Then you have the no limitations aspect of the hobby. i dont have to hack my "head unit" so that i can type in a gps address while driving.
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    If you have to ask, or question it, then it probably is not for you.

    It is no different then any car modifying.

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    If you dont have the passion to play with something don't play with it. You will only regret it. I won't look any good and the finish product will look worse than what your started with. This applies to anything you do.

    If you don't want to........DON'T DO IT!!!
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    Good point

    @Bazzy - if you search in this forum for some good "art works" you may begin to understand why some of us choosed to install the carPC...
    Olso for me it was cheaper than having to buy all I need from pieces (the Bluetooth I wanted was 230 Euro, GPS at 300 Euro, sound system at 780 Euro...). My car PC was at 800 euro + 146 euro for 8" Liliput Touch screen.
    In this price I get GPS + Bluetooth + Wireless (even in my country you can find enough free acces points) + Audio + Video + 100 Gb HDD + computer + FUN. Olso if I choose to add anything else I can do it (and cheap too).
    One more thing (it counts for me ) - I like the look on the face of all who see the install I did in my car. Expecialy the girls

    P.S. if you have your laptop just play with it and install Road Runner or any other frontend you preffer. Do it in your home not in car and maybe you'll like it...

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    Unlike most members i hate installing or configuring my Carpc and sometimes i which I never can up with the idea to put a pc in my car, but If I could go back in time i’ll do all over again. I love the level of integration you can achieve with a carpc plus there is not limit to its upgradability

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    This thread is funny, i almost started to cry! sounds like trying to convince somebody not to jump off a cliff.

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    Haha well it would be fun to have... i'm just thinking about putting it off for a while now. The ONLY reason i still want to do it is because A. custom fabbing is fun, and B. 8" touch screen computer in my truck!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazzy View Post
    The ONLY reason i still want to do it is because A. custom fabbing is fun, and B. 8" touch screen computer in my truck!!!!

    sounds like a good enough reason to do it for me! thats preety much why i built mine! and i love customising it.. changing skins etc.. and the mobile phone integrations is useful to me as im on the road so much.
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    Hey Guys, i originally got into this because i "won" a HP E PC on Ebay, when i picked it up from the guy i looked at it a said to my self, "what the hell am i going to do with this piece of S**T. got home put it in the corner of the garage and forgot about it.

    We moved house some months later and while i was cleaning out the garage i came across the box i had won. i was just about to throw it in the bin when i thought, "i'll put that under the seat of my Ute, it woan't take any space up there during the shift" and the rest is history!
    This all happened before i had even heard of anyone putting a Computer Hard Wired into the car, Now i'm totally Hooked, have put a system in a friends car, put one in my parents RV, they go away a lot. with there business so they use it for GPS, Book keeping, watch DVD's while camping, mum even uses it to EMail us while there away. My install has taken over from my laptop, i use it for GPS, Music, watch DVD's when we go camping, do my paper work onsite as i go instead of bring it all home and spending mights on it.
    Yesterday i was over at a mates place and he had some CD's i didn't have so- fire up the carputer and rip the music onto the HDD!

    How good is all of this!

    And just to think that only 18 months ago that same system was heading for the bin!

    I also think that these systems as soooo good that i build them up for others, i have built a VIA system m10000 80gig 2.5" HDD 512 Ram Opus DC-DC etc. which ended up costing me 4 times the amount that the HP E pc cost and in my opinion does not come anywhere near the PentiumIII 1.0 gig 256 SDRam system that i do from the HPE pc form factors. these little machines which are exactly the same size as a MOlex 3688 cased system run all over the VIA systems.

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth in

    ps they also don't require ant special DC-DC power supplies.
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