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Thread: usb sound card recommendations

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    usb sound card recommendations

    I have a dell optiplex with on board sound plugged in with a phono to aux connector that goes in to my alpine amp.
    problem is i get shed loads of buzzing soon as its plugged in, i tried grounding from alpine ground to chassis and it made it lots better but its still buzzing a lot.

    ive read in previous threads that this is probably because of my lame on board sound card, my question is for people with the same issues as mine, what usb sound card did you use to cure this? and where can i buy it ?

    or i can get a low profile pci card, this will fit in fine but again suggestions..

    or suggestions on how to fix this buzzing if its not sound card related, buzzing is before engine is started

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    first, I would eliminate all other variables such as the wire going to your amp. Check the ground on the computer power supply as well. I switched my ground locations on my PSU and it took away virtually all the static/noise.

    I have the audigy2 NX USB soundcard, works well for me.
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    SOudns like an invertor not properly grounded. I am assuming you are using one because your PC is a desktop? Try grounding the chassis of the invertor to the car.

    Also, if you want to upgrade you sound card toa sub one there are plenty of options, although I don't know if it will get rid of your buzzing problem if its ground loop related.

    Ground Loop Trouble shooting:
    Induced noise/Ground loop trouble shooting guide.

    USB soundcard options
    Read here: Ultimate USB, Firewire, External Soundcard List

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