I have this GPS reciever : http://store.mp3car.com/ProductDetai...Code=GPS%2D002

I had it simply mounted on my trunk, and it worked perfectly. Never once was it not able to track me.

I uninstalled the drivers, and it was offline for a few weeks, during which it went through some weather, and I think I accidentally took it through a car wash.

Anyway, I hooked it back up, and reinstalled the drivers and it appears to be working fine, except now it wont track me worth crap. When I first plugged it in it worked ok, after a while it started lagging behind but not terribly, now it basically won't track me at all, maybe my position will change once or twice each trip I take.

Basically my question is, is it broken? It's supposed to be weather and waterproof, and it's mounted in the exact same spot which is very wide open to the sky.