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Thread: Alpine amp interface

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    Alpine amp interface

    I need some ideas here....
    I currently have a full Alpine system with deck... the deck is linked to the amplifiers via the ai-net
    I'm gearing up to replace the deck with a car-puter soon... but i want to retain the ability to control my amplifiers...

    I have one option, but i'm not a fan of it. The RUX-4280, V12 control module.

    Does anyone know of anyway to link the amplifiers to the car-puter via USB or some other means?
    Does anyone sell something already, or has anyone already built something?

    I'm not big into building USB devices, so any help would be great.

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    Even if anyone can get a pinout diagram for the V12 Amplifier Link plug... that would be great!

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    MBus USB adapter Don't know anything more than what he has listed in the message.

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