Hi all,

We'll, I've spent the afternoon coming up with this design to upgrade my current system. http://sugar05.no-ip.com/car_layout.png

I am looking for advice on several things:

1). Will my 12V car battery be able to support all this stuff? (I am only going to use it while the engine is running, but I'm hoping to put everything on a SSC of some form so I don't spend 3 hours turning everything on and off).

2). Where do I need to put fuses/any other vital stuff in the layout? I understand there should be fuses on the amp but I have no idea where.

3). Will the things like the Inverter, Cigarette Lighter and Amp draw power when the engine isn't running (drain the battery)? Is there another form of SSC that I could place on these devices to prevent this?

Please point out anything that you think is missing and should be added in order to improve the quality/safety/reliability of such a setup.