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Thread: San Diego area people with lilliput 619?

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    San Diego area people with lilliput 619?

    I got a lilliput 619 to put in my car and when I tried to get it set up to do the auto on function I found out that my remote doesn't even work. Does anyone around san diego/north county happen to have a remote laying around for theirs still that I can come borrow really quickly to do this to my screen? I would really appreciate it as it would save me a lot of hassle in soldering in a capacitor/resistor to make it auto on.


    PS. The screen was taken apart to mount in the car so I don't think lilliput will take it back with a warranty issue.

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    Did you cover up the IR port on the screen when you took it apart? It's on the panel with all the buttons...right in the middle. If it's line of sight is blocked from the remote, it's not gonna work. You don't point the remote at the point it at the IR receiver.

    Also, make sure you remove the shipping material (sticker) from the battery for the remote.

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